Monday, September 08, 2008

What I'm Up To

A quick post - what I'm up to at the moment.....

Eilis started school last monday. All is going great TG. Emotion didn't progress beyond a lump in my throat on the first day - luckily, cos she probably would have turned around and given out to me. She came home on Tuesday and proclaimed that she 'loved' school and it was 'brilliant'. I think that's a pretty good first week. Am hoping to pull together the photos and put them into the Lance Anderson album from the Midsummer Megascrap Classes.

The house is flying along. I've been taking lots of photos - trying to take them at the same location and at every stage. I haven't been as good taking written notes though. Might even do it in my diary at work just to get something on paper. Went last week looking at's all becoming more real now that the roof is kind of on.

Birthday Party:

Hopefully this invite won't prompt a mass invasion of random lurkers...ala a teen 'houseparty' that gets out of hand...just like you see in the movies. Haven't decided on my costume yet - most people are planning on being someone from the 80s like Magnum PI or Anneka Rice - I was just going to dress up in my best glad rags and tacky make-up. Suggestions welcome for a themed couple....JR and SueEllen, etc, etc.

This started yesterday with the Rule of Thirds. Have to get out and get the fresh autumn air. Also have to read the manual for my camera - this relationship needs to get stronger.

On the 1st of November. Donna is coming back and Anita is coming with her. Love the potential of these classes and am excited. Don't really want to miss Halloween night with the kids though, so we'll see what can be done....

So ya, you could say I was busy! And as for work.....

And here's a pic of the littlest fraggle in the house...lucky she's so cute - cos she's waking up at night still!

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