Thursday, April 30, 2009

A new beginning....

With all my healthy eating, I haven't actually lost any weight. Although I was getting compliments, I think they were all based on weight lost before Christmas. Easter I fell off the wagon, but have now committed to a plan to lose more, especially before the swimsuit season and weddings during the summer. A gang of ladies have pooled together on Craftsupplies forum to support each other in a weight loss plan and of course there is a stash prize at the end of 12 weeks as incentive. I'm a bit late in joining, but think the support is just what I need.

So, I started in earnest at lunchtime. I hadn’t really prepared in time for this morning (which is the key to all this I suppose) but headed into town at lunch and hit the healthfood store, hard. Part of my plan is to keep the carbs to a minimum, and I always find lunch very difficult – what’s the alternative to a sandwich (if you don’t make it yourself)? So, I’m currently chowing on a very expensive lemon soya yogurt (as a treat). I will follow with fruit and some nuts.

I’m going to follow Patrick Holfords low GL diet, which seems to allow foods I like. It’s based on low, but not no carbs, combining protein and carb in every meal and having small but frequent meals/snacks during day. It’s also about cutting out refined sugar in order to get your blood sugars right. I think it’s right for me because I am very mood swingy if I don’t eat (indicates blood sugar issues). It seems you can eat almost as much fruit and veg as you want, keep red meat to a minimum (trickier), lots of chicken (ok) and fish (trickier for me) and minimal brown rice/pasta/potatoes. Given that it’s summer I think plenty of salads will be in order and I do love veg, so it’s just about preparation. Idea is to go cold turkey from sugar for a few days. No caffeine forever (which doesn’t affect me cos I don’t trick tea or coffee….see, I told you this diet suited me…but is not for all I suppose), no diet drinks and there’s a scatter of supplements – vitamins/minerals that are recommended.

I’ve done WW in the past and lost about 9 pounds (pre wedding though so there was lots of incentive) also did a diet at Curves for 6 weeks that nearly killed me I was so hungry. This is the first time I’ve done anything just using a book. But I’ve spent about 100 quid between the book, vitamins and healthy food so I’m in it for at least the duration of the challenge on CS. For my height, I need to lose 33 pounds (to put me at the top of the ‘acceptable’ range!) but that would make me lighter than I have been since I was in first year in school (although I have been the same height since then!). So, I’m going to set my target at 2 stone – 28 pounds which would get me down to (I’d say) a comfortable size 12 (am tightish 14 now). I think in the 8 weeks left in the plan I’d be delighted to lose around 10-14 pounds. Halford seems to think 2 lbs per week is best you can do. I agree.

Now, it’s in writing, I have truly committed. Am keeping food diary from today – noting exercise and water drank. All the best to everyone else trying to live healthy out there!

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