Friday, February 27, 2009

Starvin Marvin!

I’m starvin Marvin and it’s not even noon….This healthy lifestyle is hard going…ah no, it’s fab.

Got two great compliments (ok one from my mother so maybe that doesn’t count!) yesterday about losing weight….one from a local boutique owner if you don’t mind. Actually, maybe she was just trying to drum up business! Ah no, I’m not good for taking compliments, but positive reinforcement like that is always welcome, especially when you are only on day two of healthy living! Also watched operation transformation on the telly and saw what that gang were able to achieve in 8 weeks – some of them were losing 2-3 stone.

But it’s not just about weight….it’s about feeling better….and I’ve made a list (thinking of making a cool mini book – that’s how hopeful and positive I am about this working) of the reasons WHY – not very many are for health reasons but who cares…I need to keep looking at my reasons to keep me going. Also a treat on Sunday is worth looking forward to!

Have a good weekend…I’m not sure what I’ve planned. The little one was sick on Wed night but seems fine now (after destroying two sets of bed linen!) so quality time with littluns and a major house clean up required – that should burn some calories while I’m at it! Have a good one, whatever you get up to.

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Karva said...

Hey Karina well done on the first few steps, it's not easy to make changes but at least you have started. Great to catch up with you at Crafteire.