Thursday, September 03, 2009

Me, The Abridged Version

So I'm taking a course on Big Picture Scrapbooking by Cathy Zielske
It started today. It's digi...if we want it to be and it's called Me, The Abridged Version. Basically an A to Z set of layouts about yours truely. Our first tasks are to compile our thoughts, in alphabetical order. Cathy's also prompting us with emails each day asking questions like - What can't you Imagine Living Without.

P is for Pragmatist, or Pessimist (although I don't really think I am). I just couldn't think of anything I couldn't live without (apart from obvious air and water....scientist in me even saying you could probably survive if you had to....). If you had to live without stuff, or loved ones, or technology, you just would. Obviously I'd prefer not to have to live without my family, friends, television, chocolate, etc, but realistically we don't always have the choice and so it's better to just live each day and not wish for things.

This is a difficult entry - I'm not good at imagining negative things (which is a good thing I suppose). Ask me to imagine winning the lottery or All Ireland and I could write a book!

More soon. Am not going to apologise for not blogging more often, or for the state of my blog, which needs a serious overhaul. It's not going to happen this week.....
I haven't even uploaded photos from June onwards off my camera, never mind put them on blog. Life and stuff gets in the way, but it's all good.

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