Friday, September 18, 2009

Well, if you don't blog on your Birthday....

....there's not much hope for you, is there.

Again, it's been ages since I blogged....busy busy, etc, etc.

Today, as I turned 31 (eek) I decided that I better write a few lines for posterity, if nothing else. In fact, maybe I'll journal my day - A Day in the Life of a (newly turned) 31 Year Old - sounds like a plan.

Eilis stayed in Mam and Dad's last night so she could have a 'lie in'. We get up at 7 normally, so once a week she stays overnight with someone or other...usually Thursdays and usually with my parents. It's like a little holiday for her and she loves it. I think she thinks it's the norm, that everyone does regular sleepovers in close-by relatives houses.

Last night, Tony's mum and sisters called over as they aren't around this evening and we had a few glasses of wine. I am slightly feeling the effects this morning, although we were up and out and in Galway before 8 this morning. Am plugging away at work, but with a fuzzy head. Since I decided not to drink beer anymore (relevation at age 30.5) I don't get headaches or bad hangovers. I think it's either the yeast or wheat as I've tried to cut them out too. Whether or which I can drink again without being a wreck the following day as long as I stick to wine or spirits. This is difficult when you were a die hard, bottle of Heineken fan.....but I'm getting over it.

One of the things I find very strange nowadays is how you get messages on your birthday as emails from things you've signed up to. This morning I was greeted by a 'happy birthday' from and earlier this week at Curves 'happy birthday' flashed up on the screen when I logged in. Are we now going to get to a point where our birthday greetings are all from anonymous electronic devices? Scary thought. PG I'll always have my mammy to think of me - even though she only lives 3 miles away she told me yesterday 'there's a card in the post'.

Plans for the day are to pop into town at some stage (most likely on pretence of a 'meeting') to collect some bits as I am heading off (early) tomorrow morning to Co. Louth for my friend Aoife's hen party. I need to get a naughty but nice gift for her and also to get some shoes. Unfortunately I was in town for an hour yesterday and saw I don't know how hopeful I am. I don't actually mind what I spend (which seems heresy in the 'current climate') but I want a pair of good, black, classy, high heel (but not too high), comfortable black going out shoe. Preferably with a pointy toe. Is that too much to ask!?!? So as I said, if I had to pay €200 for the perfect pair, I wouldn't mind. I've never come close to spending that kind of money on shoes by the way, just I don't have a black shoe for going out and am at a stage in my life where I need a pair that will last and that are (like the little black dress) easy to just throw on, no thought required. So, we'll just have to see how we get on today. Unfortunately it seems to be all boots now and it was all sandals during the summer.

Anyhoo, maybe this is why I don't blog, cos I get sucked in to writing all manner of slightly irrelevant stuff... although I'm not writing for you, I'm writing for me! Over and out for now....I'll try to keep notes as I go along today.

Rest of plans include lunch with Tina (college friend) and Tony (DH). Home early-ish, shopping, packing and maybe a chinese and a few 'nice things' with my sisters/parents/whoever's knocking around at the time.

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