Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winter Weather

So this year I'm doing Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas again...or at least 'attempting' it. I'm also keeping an eye on Ali Edwards December Daily prompts. I've printed out digi journalling cards from Ali and mounted them onto 6x4 patterned paper (can't get photo to upload for some reason...) and will journal on them at a minimum and also take a few photos each day, so basically will be a combination of both. I think the beginning of the month is easiest. It gets more difficult to keep the journalling up as we get more busy, closer to the big day, but for now, this is my commitment. I did about 8 days last year and they are fun to look back at.

Today's JYC is about winter weather. Don't get me started! After getting 1/3 of Ireland's rainfall in the month of November and being stranded and not able to go to work for 3 days I think this has been an exceptional year....for all the wrong reasons. Lots of homes are flooded (which really makes you appreciate your own home even more) including nearly my aunt, who has been visiting her house in waders for the last week, but thankfully, the water dropped by an inch yesterday and hadn't actually gotten beyond the deck into the house. It's the upheaval more than anything - unimaginable, and especially difficult this close to Christmas. Count your blessings. We don't tend to get much snow here, especially in the city, although a taxi driver told me yesterday that he heard someone on the radio predicting 2 foot of snow in January. Watch this space. We had one saturday's worth of snow earlier this year which was great for the kids. Managed to make a snowman but not affect getting around or getting to work on the Monday. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....

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