Thursday, December 03, 2009

Prompt 3 is going to be a quick one as I will be away from computer most of today. Christmas Cards....

Last year was Eilis's first time to give cards to kids at school and her crafty mum decided what a pity it would be to buy them, and better to make them. I spotted a 'colour your own' christmas card kit in the Early Learning Centre and bought the pack. Of course, between one thing and another the 'colouring your own' didn't start until the week before christmas and I didn't consider how long it would actually take to colour 12 cards! Let alone the handwriting which was required in each one and on the envelopes! So, we cheated. She coloured one, I scanned it and printed off on card and hey presto, we had 12 cards with a click of a mouse. We couldn't cheat on the handwriting so there was still a bit of work there.

It's amazing what a difference a year makes though. This year I bought some packs in Pennys with cad blanks and toppers and lovely red envelopes. An assembly line was created and she got all the cards almost finished in less than an hour. We still haven't written them, but are well on track as it's only the 3rd!
I also decided to make some cards this year and put them for sale in my aunt's craft shop near Athlone. No feedback so far, and as always I'm a bit sick of making cards now, so probably won't get to make my own. Although it's all about keeping it simple. Also time to get the old list together. Here's two of the cards I've made:

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