Monday, April 19, 2010

A Week in the Life

So this week, I'm journalling and photographing 'A Week in the Life' of our family. I was promted to do this project by Ali Edwards blog, as this is the week she has chosen too and so lots of others are taking it on. I see 2010 as a fairly 'big year' not specifically for us, but mainly because it's a round number year. And I had intended on documenting it month by month, but have fallen by the wayside a bit and haven't really done anything special. A week in the Life is less about the 'occasions' and more about normal. Although, as I'm sure I'll find out, there isn't really a 'normal' week for us, or probably anyone.

I've chosen an album that holds 6x4 photos as my 'album' rather than a scrapbook style album. I have used this 'mini album' idea a few times, but mainly with a single 6x4 per page, as opposed to double (2 landscape 6x4s on each page), which I decided in this case.
The idea is that I will be able to print off my photos and slip them into the album directly, while adding in 6x4 journalling cards. The double size allows me to rip the seam between and also include some 'layouts' which would be a 6x8 size. This is all theoretical so far though, as I haven't started! I'm just trying to pick the easiest format possible, before I start. For now, it's about picking things to document, collecting daily life bits and pieces and taking lots of photos.

I'm hoping this will make a great project to look back on in e.g. 10 years time to see how we really 'lived'. Ali also tends to do this every year and stores all her layouts in one large album.

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Evonne said...

Oh wow Corina, you have been very busy! I love all your recent Layouts... just having a good browse through your blog now! Might see you Sunday, depends on how Sat night goes. Best of luck with it anyway. We'll organise another crop with the usual suspects before too long hopefully!