Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Me

Lots of new and exciting things! Yesterday I joined a new pilates class at home. I found it ok but not very strenuous but was assured that there was worse/more to come. On my way out from class I saw a sign for weightwatchers so I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. New system called 'pro points' so I was as new to it all as everyone else. Three points in a curly wurly! Maybe that shouldn't have been the one that jumped out at me! A slice of bread is two points and you have around thirty to 'spend' each day. Also weekly floating allowance. We'll see what happens but I have a good bit to lose so hoping that the first few weeks will be good so I keep inspired!

Also decided to book some flights. And our first ever family holiday. V exciting. More details later!

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