Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventurous Me

I don't really consider myself adventurous. I see that mainly as a bungee jumping, bare back riding, motor cycling, pink haired and tattooed world traveller. Which is not me! I'm the most safety conscious wary home bird I know. But, I might be considered 'arty' or 'creative' or even 'adventurous' when it comes to my dress sense. So, maybe I'm more adventurous than I think - in ways.

Our greatest family adventure to date was our recent trip to Paris. Bearing in mind my above statement re safety consciousness you can probably understand more why I would consider our first family trip abroad to one of the largest cities in the world an adventure! It was our kids first time abroad, first time on a plane, first time on the tgv, in a country with a foreign language and foreign food. What if the kids were hungry, bored, cold, tired, disruptive?

But you know what - we rocked it! Next stop London!

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