Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My (less than) adventurous layout!

Here's the text and postcard from my 'adventure' prompt from Shimelle. Confession: I didn't post the postcard. I know my postman and felt that it would limit what I could say if I posted it to myself. I'm sure they have a quick browse on occasion and what's more interesting than a postcard to someone from themselves highlighted by the fact it's a postcard from a nearby city and not somewhere exotic at all!

Apologies for the mass of blog posts with single pictures. I've decided that mobile blogging is my only hope and I haven't figured out how to add more than one photo. Just means I have to be selective.

Two prompts. Two layouts. Go me!
I also just completed a mini book to bring on hols with me next week. Will post a pic soon. Yes, maybe my creativity is seeping back gradually. Need to retain momentum.


Ginger said...

Great Job! I haven't read the second and third prompts yet I will hopefully have time tomorrow evening:) thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)

Denise said...

Go you indeed ! Love what you are doing in this class - time for me to play catchup!