Friday, July 22, 2011

Isn't it ironic

Or an alternate title would be "oh I wish I'd looked after me teeth"
Yesterday, I broke a back tooth on the aptly titled bubblegum pictured beneath. Yes, jawbreakers broke my tooth.

That in itself is a funny story except it meant I had to go to the dentist. And the thought of that made me close to physically sick. I'm not sure if I'm phobic but I'm pretty close. I hadn't been to a dentist in (gulp) 11 years. Now for those of you holy joes who get dentally checked every 6 months and have a perfect set of choppers, that sounds utterly shocking. But (and I know this because you can find anything on the Internet, including dental phobia support) there are lots of folk out there the same as me. So I'm breaking the silence (go me!). I feel I can now cos I'm just back from my visit to a super nice modern dentist. I got 3 fillings including repair of that broken tooth and a filling replaced and I feel great. So, the message is don't be afraid. Drugs seem to work better, drills don't seem to do as much work, no pain and White fillings. I have to go back (11 years - remember!) but I'm ok with that. This was the first step.

How this links to finding perfection or letting go of perfection (ala Shimelle's prompt) I'm not sure but I might have teeth that are closer to perfection at the end of all this. Explore indeed!


Elizabeth said...

I also used to be afraid of the dentist so I do understand. Then I realized if I want to chew I better get my mouth in better shape!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm hoping my best friend will be around for quite a bit longer.

Scribble Monster said...

I like all your posts about explore this week. I'm glad you are enjoying creating again.

I have had a grumbling tooth this week and i don't want to go and i'm not phobic so big yourself up for being so brave. Jen xx