Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lucky Week

Did you ever, it's been an interesting week? This has certainly been one of the strangest weeks of the year so a good way. Thinking it through here are some examples...

I went to a chiropracter for 'enlightenment' for the first time.
Met a guy who's going to help some of us in the company with our 'leadship' and other skills...including personality testing.
Counted out about 300 yoyos in small change I had in a box...which should be pretty handy coming into christmas.
The creche decided that they were going to not charge for the days over christmas, so the bill is 130 yoyos less this month.
Got a letter from the taxman saying I have overpaid 350 yoyos in tax and will be reimbursed as soon as possible.
And yesterday I found 20 quid in my pocket.

We don't dwell on money in our house btw, I don't think we're too extravagant - we don't need for anything, nor are we over indulgent, but that's a fair bit extra to have in the pocket in the run up to the most expensive time of year.

Today, I went downstairs to a company that's going into liquidation....they (or rather their liquidator) were selling off all their stuff - and the nice liquidator man gave me a load of kiddie costumes for free. Said they were no good to him, and he was likely to dump them. All the better for my DD who will think that they are fab! And I am just after getting a phonecall from a client I never met to ask me out to dinner next week, as he is bringing all his 'professionals' out to dinner before christmas. How much better can this week get?

I'm not trying to draw bad luck on myself by listing my good luck, because to some this wouldn't be that big of a deal.....but maybe, just maybe, my enlightenment is making me more appreciative thereby better things are happening. And it's only 11.45am

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