Thursday, November 30, 2006

One day to go... the beginning of the Christmas Journal project. Here's a pic of my front's BG urban couture...not Christmas paper per se, but certainly I wouldn't mind using it as wrapping paper if I had that kind of money! Anyway, it's getting a little more christmassy and tomorrow it will be ok to say it loud and say it proud...they'll be playing songs on the radio, and there'll be signs of christmas everywhere. Maybe this is a hint to what my first topic is!
Meanwhile back at the ranch (or office, as I like to call it) I think it's time to do our secret santa draw....and the first of the christmas parties has been arranged for next week. It's for the building we're in, so should be's interesting that a couple of beers will give you the courage to talk to all the people you see in the building every day but wouldn't normally speak to. We are young scientists in a technology centre, so don't really fit in! No harm, we know we're the life and soul of the party. (this is the royal we I use a lot when talking about our company!) Fun times ahead.

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