Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's Love got ta To with It?

Song title....not really how I'm feeling....well, in the way Tina meant it anyway, it's more What's love got to do with Valentines....commercialism and all that. I don't buy into a dozen roses for €65.....absolutely mental and a chronic waste of money. I'm not a flower person really. I do appreciate them when I get them, but think that they can be desperately expensive. This wasn't supposed to be a rant about valentines.....celebrate the love....simple love....not expensive love is the message I suppose.

So here's some simple love....

A valentine card made by my little chicken in the creche yesterday to her Mammy and Daddy. Love it! Some chocolates in the cafe downstairs.....simple love. And finally, my valentine card for this year is a layout for DH. I'm not really a cardie person and I made one last year to enter in a competition which I think totally stunted what I wanted it to be (I sometimes find with competitions...even just small monthly ones on craft forums you get so bogged down trying to incorporate 'metal' or a 'blossom' or whatever, that you don't always end up with something you'd really like). Anyway, I hadn't done a LO in ages....really ages....and so I am delighted with this. Lots of Making Memories chipboard hearts and buttons and not a lot of paper...(used Basic Grey it love it) which is something very different for me...I didn't think I could 'do' the whole streamlined look (ok ok it's not that streamlined and sparse, but using only one piece of patterned paper is an achievement for me!). Haven't given it to him yet...that will be this evening. No plans yet....for dinner or whatever. We'll be staying in, but whether we'll order in or cook something nice - play it by ear. Any other valentine's stuff.....last night I watched 'You've got Mail' on TG4. I really don't like Tom Hanks particularly, but I love Meg Ryan....I love wishy washy feel good rom coms and I'm not afraid to say it. Something that makes you feel all warm inside and happy going off to bed, assured that there is love in the world....even if it's just in the movies. I was going to head off to bed early and might pay the price today, but I couldn't really remember how it ended...well I knew that they got together, but not the details...'I wanted it to be much' said Meg when she realised that Tom was actually the fella she had been emailing all along. Awww
So, should I email my Valentine with a picture of his card.....with the title of the email saying 'You've got Mail'.....from Shopgirl? OK lurkers, you've got till 4pm today to tell me whether I should or not and so you decide......
over and out
Love to y'all on Valentine's Day!

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