Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Love

Anything to report? My mojo might be on its way back....I finished a circle journal entry last one sitting. Just as well I suppose considering I had 4 sitting on my desk to do. Am going to tackle another one tonight...what's the midweek movie?!

I don't really have anything to share besides that. Have a wedding at the weekend and could really do with making a card. Also have mothers day....last year I outdid myself and made little mini book for my mother, MIL and granny. They loved them....what have I to offer this year? Nada...unless some flash of inspiration now, and I manage to get bits done in the next two nights...unlikely. At this rate I might be buying a card in a shop! shock horror!

Are you sensing negativity from this post?....yep, me too. It's too late in the evening. Need to finish up and get home and blog early in the morning any more!

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Paula said...

Hey its good to see I'm not the only one down in the dumps because my mojo has gone!!!
I create something fab, then a week goes by & big fat nothing!!
Hope my UKS teamies aren't relying too much on my points..
Still our Feb ones got lost in cyberspace so we are submitting them in March & I did 250!!! So mojo come back soon!!