Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scooby Dooby Doo

Yep, I've been awol for a while. Long weekend. Not a lot done. Went to a wedding on Saturday - St. Patrick's Day....had good fun. Only 5 more weddings this year!!!!!!

LOs completed = 0
Altered Items completed = 0
mojo = 0

I think I know why.....am a little bit stressed at the moment and find that in the evenings all I want to do is relax....and so that's what I do. Am also waking up early in the mornings and am busy at work so don't really have the time. Maybe I didn't have the time for crafting in the past but just was better at juggling everything but no doubt things will become aparent as time goes on. I'm not particularly inspired by anything of late. Need to get some photos printed and am definitely going setting that up tomorrow so will have them by the weekend. Short week this week TG but really need to get cracking on our house plans. Maybe I'll do a bit on that tonight too. A to do list is what's required.....

Spring is in the air....lots of new life, baby lambs in the field etc.....but not much inspiration.
Must go check out the blogs...haven't looked up any all weekend.

1 comment:

Karva said...

Hey coco, I know the feeling about the mojo - just as well its only 3 weeks to crafteire. I have some stash for your charity and colletcion and have pm'd you somewere!!!!!
see you soon