Monday, April 02, 2007

Dead Ringer for Love

Where have you been since I saw you last?

I've gone over a week since I posted and feel little much has changed....

LOs completed - nil
Altered Items completed - nil
Mojo levels - all time low

Although on Saturday I had an 'idea' for Eilis. We made some Easter cards with cotton wool ducks. Will post pic as soon as I can find the lead to charge my camera. Need to get that sorted for Easter. Have been v. busy at work the past few weeks, but the weather has been good and we've gone down to the beach a couple of evenings after work. Am shattered most evenings - but that too will pass no doubt.

Really need to get cracking on the house, but we have the order of things fairly mixed up. Yesterday we began landscaping. Yes, I kid you not....there is no foundation dug, never mind blocklaying, but we planted 7 oaks on the site yesterday. A few years ago (probably 5?) Dad decided he wanted to go picking acorns. There are islands in the lake, at the end of the pennisula where he was brought up (Lough Corrib, Galway) which have oak trees on them. So off the merry gang went and filled some bags with acorns. He planted them up in cut off milk cartons and 'minded' them for a couple of years. Some were transplanted to pots. Some grew up through the roof of the polytunnel! and a few were planted in our garden at home. This year, he decided it was time to take back the tunnel and relocate the sapplings, so 50 or so were brought back to the home farm and planted as part of REPS. Saved him about 1700 yoyos....and are native local stock. I said I wanted a few, seeing as I was part of the original hunt and gathering...and yesterday we planted them out on our site. Had to get them in the ground or they would die off, so regardless of not having a mortgage, contractor, etc, we have now got 7 oaks! 5 are in the back boundary and will give shelter from the southwest. 2 are towards the front of the site and hopefully won't get run over by a digger sometime during the summer. But it was nice to be out and about on a lovely spring day. Does the heart good.

Dead Ringer - next sunday there's a charity do at home. TC and I have been cast to sing a duet as part of a 'stars in their eyes' type karaoke thingy. Have to come up with something funny, but achieveable. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers have been taken by another couple. We're debating about Meatloaf and Cher.....(dunno if I have the legs for it tbh!) or maybe a gangsta rapper couple like P Diddy and Faith Evans. Watch this space.....or comment with any other good suggestions.

Also have signed up for the Design Collective.....I think today is the day for the first class. Really looking forward to it! and hopefully it will get my mojo back in action before Crafteire.


Kate said...

God you have been busy Coc, love the story bout the tress, I was thinking of signing up for the Design Collective too it looks really good but it's closed now. Maybe next month.

Paula said...

Isn't it a complete pain when the mojo ups & walks out.
I have made shed loads of cards, but layouts are thin on the ground. I ned to be inspired to create & the weather has done nothing for me!!
Did scrap a photo of myself & have some more to do but I just need to be home for some rest first!!!

eva birdthistle said...

Don't worry about the mojo, probably on a little siesta, it will come back with a bang, you are way to talented! In the meantime, you are making memories to scrap :-)