Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Baby when you're gone...

Ok I've been away for quite a while....bad blogger.
I don't have many easter pics, but we had quite an eventful time all the same...

Easter Sunday - being such a fabby day, we decided to have a BBQ in our house. Not the first of the year...but the second. Fantastic. I am the complete opposite to vegetarian and could not live without meat probably. We had 4 kinds of meat for easter...steak, chicken, lamb (cos you have to have lamb at easter...even though there was too much food anyway) and a couple of ribs left over from the day before.
My favourite dinner, undoubtedly, is Spare ribs, cabbage and potatoes ala Mary my mother. Most excellent. Hadn't had them in ages, maybe even years but I could eat a full cabbage on my own when she cooks it. Wonderful stuff. Eilis was also quite partial to the ribs so we'll be asking Nana to make it again soon. Back to the BBQ. Dad is the BBQ master and with a glass of vino in hand he was the man of the moment. As it was a little chilly, we still chose to eat inside.
After the dinner we headed to Tony's sister's house for the customary easter egg hunt. Lotsa kids, lotsa chocolate, lotsa fun. My family went to see Galway football players in the league in Tuam so it was a busy afternoon all round. That evening, more busyness....Tony and I had volunteered (as we do) to dress up as part of a fundraiser being organised by the Macra group to raise money for UNICEF. One of the local guards at home is going motorbiking across Route 66 in the USA and has to raise 50K. He's well on the way but we raised a few more bob on Easter Sunday night. My pics are really bad though...and there's none of me. Which might be just as well. The theme for the night was 'You're a Flop' loosely based on You're a star talent competition but probably more like Stars in their Eyes. We were doing a duet, as I mentioned below...were hoping to do Dead Ringer for Love, but karaoke man didn't have it, so had to settle for 'Baby When You're Gone' by Bryan Adams and Mel C.
Of course, the twist was that I was Brian and Tony was Mel. Funny when men dress up as women, scary when women dress up as men! Had some hideous stonewashed denims and a short wig. Not very nice to look at, but the song went well....we're not bad singers to be honest. Other contenders on the night were Dolly and Kenny, The Supremes, The Blues Brothers, Madonna and Roy Orbsen. It was a fun night and I got to GHD Tony's hair - something I have been meaning to do for ages! You can't see the spikes cos this pic was taken when we got home, at 2am!
So that was my easter...busy or what!
Also announced a little bit of news to the family....all will be revealed, if you haven't already guessed.....

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CarolineO said...

omg!!!! Congrats!!! so whens the date??? Loads more scrapping opportunities ahead so!!
Seriously congrats to you both!