Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Not sure who sang that - but it's very applicable this last week....my goodness.
Two weeks later my computer is still not fixed. Everyday they say they are coming but no joy. Am hot desking and have to move soon, so no pics either for the while. Hopefully they are still all safely backed up on various drives around the office.

Last week was a scorcher - Bank Holiday we went to the beach with our cousins....great fun and hopefully they will have some great memories. That child has a great time in fairness. Tuesday picnic on our beach after work (we live 10 min walk from beach in Galway), Wed and Thurs swimming after work at the beach. Eilis is really a water baby and quite fearless which is great. Her cousins on Monday weren't too keen on going into any depth of water which meant you had to take turns going swimming. With herself last week, Tony and I were able to go out to her chin height with the body board and she was happy and confident enough which was great. On thurs the big fun was jumping from the body board to Mammy's arms.

I am coping reasonably well with the heat. Feeling kinda big sometimes, but not too uncomfortable yet. This is the nicest part of pregnancy. A reasonable sized bump - well at least it shouldn't be mistaken for anything else....but I can still see my feet, etc! We went to the afters of Tony's cousin's wedding on Saturday - it was sweltering. Best man congratulated everyone who was able to finish the soup as part of his speech! Time to up the air con Irish industries....it is very important when your make up starts to slide on your big day.

Bad news on the house front. Haven't got mortgage sorted yet and Tony's contract isn't being renewed. 4 weeks notice. We're not overly worried from a work point of view - there appears to be a lot of different things out there, and the nature of contract work is like that anyway, but it was a bit of a shock. It also means that we can't get his employer to sign a form for the mortgage to say that his job is all 'hunky dorey' and steady, etc which holds us up again. Stay positive.

That's the story for now. Off to hop to another desk......woe is me. I want my laptop back!


Kate said...

OMG :-0 have I not been really you blog properly. I didn't know you were expecting. OMG huge congratulations to you both!!!!!! I'm so happy for you both. Sorry you've probably said it somewhere on your blog and I missed it.

CarolineO said...

Glad to hear you're keeping well, Corina. Fingers crossed something turns up for your DH.