Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Days

Hurrah, I'm back at my desk. Expect great things from now on. I have a new love for my laptop...I missed it so much! They managed to save all my stuff....note to self that it's time to write down all my 'favourites' websites as I haven't been able to remember what exactly I check every day and you can't always find them easily with a search.

Also, the best part is I have now got an 80 GB harddrive....50 extra gigs to fill up with photos and digi stuff before I need to purge. I love it.

Mental busy getting a report it will be done today and I will doss the day away tomorrow....also can now bring my laptop home at the weekend and get to know it again...maybe go on a little date or something.

Good mood...good things will happen today.

PS Am reading 'The Secret' - hence all the positive talk, etc. Also trying to scrap the topics ala Anita's Scrapping the Secret blog. Will post soon...might do another one tonight.

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Kate said...

I know what you mean about writing down all your "Favourites" I lost all mine too when I had computer problems. Thankfully I have everyone's blog links on my blog so I didn't lose them. Glad to hear you got your puter problems sorted.
Actually Elisa or Kiki had a link for a website that you can store your links to so that you wouldn't lose them again or if you were moving from computer to computer it would be handy.