Friday, August 17, 2007

Going to the Chapel....

I'll be going to the chapel every weekend for the next three weekends. It's wedding season in Ireland for sure and I am 'of the age' where many of my contempories are 'tying the knot' and 'giving us a day out'. It was also our Anniversary last weekend - on Saturday.

Two years married - imagine! Time flies. We celebrated by a meal in the new Hawthorn Restaurant which was delish, but I was stuffed far too easily because we probably left it a bit too late to eat. I'm not one for dining after 7 to be honest, but we decided to hold out till 8.30 so we could go straight to the pub afterwards....bearing in mind I am not drinking....why did I want to be in the pub at 10pm??? Anyway it ended up a good old night. Met some of the gang from home and had a good laugh.

My darling husband brought me some flowers and I made a card ala the ones below...which are going to be wedding cards for the weddings over the next few weeks. Simple design, vary the paper and bob's your uncle.

What other news have I....Tony started his new job on Tuesday. Seems to like it and while we used to travel to work together anyway (doing our bit for the environment and still managing to live in one car land) we now work in the same industrial estate which is super handy. We could even meet up for lunch, but that might be a bit sad?!

Eilis is 'off form' as they put it in the creche. She had a cough and a bit of a temperature and so I was kind of guiltified into not sending her even though any bit of contageousness would most likely have been in the first couple of days or before she even picked it up. One thing I don't really like about the creche is that they won't tell you 'leave her at home' they'll just hint at things and make you feel guilty because you're wondering whether they were hinting to leave her at home, or actually meant it? I'm rambling and it probably makes no sense....but I've been a little sleep deprived the last few nights because she the cough is waking her and she has a bit of temperature, but otherwise is in good form. Guilt, guilt everywhere....I feel guilty for not thinking I need to bring her to the doctor, but I feel that he will just say 'it's a virus, give her plenty of fluids and calpol, etc and it'll run it's course'. I don't need to pay €50 to find that out...but I don't want this to be about money....oh the joys. I'm not a run to the doctor type of person and very much tend to self diagnose and self medicate....not sure how good this is, but it's the way I am. Maybe if I had got 550 points in the leaving I would be a doctor now and wouldn't be wondering these things.

Oh, the Leaving Cert.... results came out on Wednesday. My memory of our leaving cert results were that Oasis were playing a concert in Cork. Everyone went except a handful of us and so I sauntered down to the school around 11.30 (after mass I might add!) to get my results. Was happy-ish I suppose. I should have done better, but didn't put in the work. Such is life. If I had worked harder I would be a primary school teacher (didn't get points but it was first on my list) and I would be on holidays now and looking forward to not going back to school because I would be on maternity leave probably.....funny how life works out though...... Pic is of the five girls who did Technical Drawing for the leaving cert with our teacher and VP who gave me my Leaving Cert Results. We were a bit of a novel group - not many girls did drawing but I must say it has stood to me....wait till you see the house I designed....and imagine what I would have come up with if I got an A1 instead of a C2 in drawing!!!

Fat wedding pics to come no doubt....that's how I'll be remembered at all our friends weddings...'oh ya, corina was pregnant' - hopefully they'll realise they all got married the same year, not that I was pregnant all the time! Have a fabbo black dress to wear tomorrow - will be displaying my best assets at the moment!! Will probably be asked to cover up in the church!! or worse - sent out to a stable out the back!!

Am in a strange mood - must be lack of sleep. Better get some work done - it's Friday TG.


eva birdthistle said...

Lack of sleep can create havoc with the brain cells. Enjoy the weddings over the next few weeks :-)

Kate said...

I'm sure you'll look fabulous in your black dress and think how many wikk be SO jealous of your assets!! I'm serious. LOL

Enjoy yourself.
Oh and I LOVE the cards BTW
Really classy.