Friday, September 28, 2007

The Heat is On

We got oil yesterday and the heat was officially turned on last night...I thought we'd hold out till October, just for the fun of it, but we needed to check that it would actually work...just in case....
It's a great little country where you can have no heat in a house from May to September and not really need air conditioning either...or is that a great thing?

Haven't posted in a week and it's just going to be more random thoughts again I'm afraid. Haven't the time to blog cos I'm doing it a work and am up the walls with a new lady started this week - she will be taking over from me when I'm on maternity leave and so I've now developed a sore throat from talking so much to her over the past 4 days. Have to catch up on some of my own work this morning and then go through more things with her. It's working out well though - she seems v. capable and not phased by the million little things I tell her every day. Maybe I'm ott on the detail, but at least she can't say I didn't mention something.

Had a hosp appointment yesterday - am now 36 weeks + 5 days. Bag is half packed. I rooted in the attic last weekend and got all the baby stuff goodness they are so small. Have a few neutral (white, yellow and green) bits pulled together for the first few days and then if it's a girl I have lots from Eilis and if it's a boy, my SIL is holding a box that will go to VdeP otherwise. We have all the other bits and are so lucky to have family hand me down type things...the cost is outrageous for some of these bits and bobs and to be honest I didn't realise....saw a baby car seat like the one we have borrowed from my aunt for €300! I have a borrowed baby buggy, borrowed moses basket. Ok I probably sound like a major scabbo now, but it all just worked out so well with Eilis that she was born after my aunt's little girl was 3 and they had decided not to have any more kids, so we got all her bits and bobs. Recycle all the way I say.

Anyway, hosp appointment - it turns out baby isn't breech. Probably wasn't ever breech - as I said, I had suspicions that the GP wasn't too confident, but the consultant yesterday was excellent. It wasn't my usual guy (will it ever be....with the public system...I'll rant about that again) but this fella had a 5th year student in with him. It was great cos he really questioned her, and I got to learn too! So baby is not breech, will be big (he didn't beat around the bush either which I liked), bigger if it's a boy (but not 17 lbs like the baby my Darling husband was telling me about in the paper yesterday). It's going to be a wait and see as to whether I need a section again...woop de do.

On a lighter note, tony and I decided this morning that we were going to win the euro millions tonight. In fact it is the perfect time to do so. I will be going on maternity leave for 6 months so no-one will suspect why I'm not working and no-one really knows what tony does anyway! He's a validation technologist....enough said! I don't really know myself. Something to do with quality control in factories and he is a contractor so the people he is working with would just think he's gone somewhere else, and he'd just fall of the radar with €130 million, me and two kids pg. It will all come together perfectly. I am daydreaming of the craft room already!

Sin é otherwise. Autumn is truely here. I am wearing long sleeves for the first time in 6 months but the weekend is promised fine so I might get out there and take some snaps - well that's the plan anyway. Charge up the old batteries in the camera and away I go.

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CarolineO said...

Fingers crossed here baby won't be 17 pounds...arrrgggh!!! \Twon't be long now till he/she nakes an appearance anyway. Let us all know as soon as you can!