Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let me Sleep on it....

So I snore....or so I was told this morning. We had a bad night's sleep in general. Eilis woke at half two so Tony went in to her for a while and told me he nearly didn't come back in to our room because I was snoring so loudly - he could hear me from across the corridor....oh and you don't snore after a couple of pints on a Saturday night....pardon me and my whale-like proportions! I have a head cold, was so, so warm last night that the whole snoring thing only came up when I said I hadn't slept a wink all night - not so, it seems, because you can't snore when you are awake. Nearly there now....

We turned on the heat last Thursday....and will be turning it off again tonight. I nearly passed out this morning. Fair enough when the new baby gets home, the house can be a furnace and we'll all go around in shorts and t-shirts, but surely we don't need it yet? I'm sleeping in a vest & pj legs with no blanket/quilt or nothing over me...and it's October. This pregnancy thing is crazy. Am now totally sick of people asking 'when are you due?' Obviously I look like I could explode at any minute....I bite my tongue and say I have three weeks till my due date but was two weeks over with Eilis so it's anyone's guess. I might go down to the bookies at lunch and put some money on myself.

I haven't got any recent pregnancy photo and I suppose I should, but I am freakin massive. Tony's sis got a new camera at the weekend and someone took a photo of me slouched in a chair....I deleted immediately. I know it's nice to record the moment, but I am able to do 'hidden' journalling and photos and that's the only way I'd like these photos to be seen. Might take out the camera tomorrow and try something tasteful.....we'll see though...how the mood is!

I started crocheting last week. I'm only able to make circles, but it's amazing how even that is all you need. I've made a few hats, including a cute one for Eilis which she wore on Sunday, but wouldn't let me take a photo. I'll try and sneak one later and post this week....have got requests now from all the sisters wanting one..but don't have enough of the cute pink wool left. It's very relaxing though, I must say. Anyhoo, best do a bit of work - quiet office today so I have great plans.

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Neasa said...

Oh Please, a picture of the bump! I'm raging there's basically no pics of my bumps (I'm very camera shy) except in the delivery room before DS was born and a few when I was witness at my Uncles wedding and my outfit camouflauged (spl???) DD's bump. I wish now I had photos of me being pregnant.
And regarding the snoring issue, my OH snores before he drops off all the time!