Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jailhouse Rock

Prison Break is on tonight tg.....ok I can't claim to know how it feels to be locked up in jail/gaol, but have been in confinement for the past 24 hours. Went for a checkup with nurse yesterday morning. Breezed in with a to do list written on my hand....and was told my bp was high, had protein in my urine (tmi sorry) and the two of those, in addition to the cankles I have had to live with for the past couple of weeks, means I need to take it easy.....really easy. She said if I could guarantee I would go home and not get off the couch/bed until friday she wouldn't send me to hospital.....what could I say? I had a tonne of things planned to do, including WORK until the end of the week, but decided I better take her advice or I'll end up trying to blog from my hospital bed for 2 weeks.....not fun.

So here I am - in fairness the ankles have gone down - I can't check urine or bp myself, but I probably was pushing it a now I have to sit and blog and watch Oprah and whatever other bits are on the telly. I did spend a few hours on the phone to the office and think they will be ok for a while but I really could do with another day or two in there to tidy up. Some good recipies on a show at the moment. So that's confinement. I'm happy enough on my own at home, but really would have preferred for it to be on my own time...maybe it's all for the best though. Tg for laptops and blackberries and mobile phones, etc....there's plenty to occupy me on my bed, I think my main thing is that I don't actually feel bad iykwim. It's one thing being at home in bed with the flu and feeling rotten...although I wouldn't like that too much either I suppose.

Best go and ...... relax I suppose?!

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