Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Year for the Roses

Dunno where that song came from...but anyhooo

One last post as a twenty something. One last look at the good's all downhill and step aerobics from here....chortle chortle
Have I any insights? - here's a few. Stop buying note books. Just fill everything into means you won't lose things. (that's an insight just for myself...I could lay my hand on approx 7 'pretty' notebooks at this moment....)
But I digress. How do I feel about turning 30? Not so bad I husband (that's the main thing by 30, isn't it!?!), two kids (all good so far), one almost built house (could be better...especially better than where we're renting, but that's not for here....this is for good stuff only), one share in a business (good and bad). This year was to be about celebrating and appreciating. We are celebrating on Friday night. I try to appreciate things as much as I can...the little things. I very much appreciate family and the support we have. I know we are super lucky and our kids are super lucky and I will try to instill that appreciation in them.
Today we made a huge decision at work, which will change the face of the office as we know it, forever. Yesterday our builder told us that he'd be finished in 6 weeks and then it was over to us to get it finished...that would give us 7 weeks to We'll see.
This is a very rambling and not insightful post, but I'm kinda tired, just back from step aerobics and in need of hydration probably. And I need to get my 'outfit' for Friday night sorted...well, I have to make a ra-ra skirt...probably shouldn't have left it until now...but it'll all work itself out...things always do! Must also go and take one last photo of the face of a 29 year old I'm leaving behind....
and measure myself on the wall....When I was a kid, I used to mark my height on the wall on the night before my birthday, convinced that it was overnight on your birthday that you grew! Ah, I stopped growing vertically somewhere around September 1991. Laterz

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eva birdthistle said...

I wonder will you wake up feeling different in the morning? Happy Birthday :)