Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday John Aldridge

John Aldridge is 50 today.

Happy Birthday John.

Incidentally, I'm 30 today too. Sharing a birthday with John Aldridge was much more significant when I was in 6th class and it was all about Italia '90, etc.

Don't know of any modern stars I share a b'day with - must go and find out...ah the internet is a wonderful thing!

Am off to have lunch, then a meeting and then a Long Weekend. Yipee. It's fun being 30!

ETA: Just found out that some other stars also share a birthday with me - Lance Armstrong, James Gandolfini and Will Smith's wife. I know she has a name, Pickett something or other...but you know who I'm talking about. Lucky chick. Greta Garbo would be 103 today if she was alive. That's about it. France abolished the death penalty on this date too

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