Monday, November 24, 2008

I know I haven't been around much - am mental busy with Merger at work, moving office in a week's time, Brian's (work partner) wedding and building our House! hopefully in time for Christmas. Spent all weekend wandering the shops of Athlone for curtains, and similarly on Sunday in Galway. It's all good though - I love interiors. Spent saturday with my mother...who by all tastes, I am turning into. The two of us ooohed and aaahed at exactly the same things, in EVERY shop. I don't mind though - I think she has pretty good taste, truth be told. So I've invited all the family to dinner in our new house on Christmas Day - well, my family anyway. The other half are going to Tony's sister's house, as it's their first Christmas there too. I have instructed my mother to order the Turkey and ham though - not sure if I'm up to knowing what size, etc....and worst case, we'll be eating in their house...
We live next door to my inlaws, and only 3 miles from my home, so we'll get to see everyone on Christmas day anyway PG.
Am hoping to do Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle and December Daily with Ali (in the one album), although we'll see. If I could get set up in advance it would all be fine...but have another (yes, you guessed it.....) Wedding!!! on Friday. We are looking forward to it, but I feel like the wedding queen. Last year I complained because we had 7 weddings and I was pregnant for about 5 of them - this year we only had 4 but two are within two weeks of each other in least the outfit is the same.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a big long post about me and's to tell you to read this - am sobbing at my desk....a nice story about the real meaning of Christmas.
I'm off to google how to make curtains! How hard could it be!! Tips welcome

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