Tuesday, December 02, 2008

All is Calm, All is Bright

December Daily post for 1st December:

All was not calm yesterday, until the end of the day. Life in the office is pretty hectic at the moment - some uncertainty about business, but nothing too worrying yet, but add into that people on holidays, people out sick and trying to move 10 bodies and 3 years worth of 'stuff' to a new office can be kinda stressful. Add in icy roads and it's all very interesting altogether. Let's just say I was glad when the day was over. I made a vow coming home in the car to try to stay calm this Christmas.....and try to enjoy, rather than wish it away.

Signs of Christmas included 'Driving Home for Christmas' which Ian Dempsey played and I also heard later in a shop. It's one of my favourite Christmas songs as it's not too christmassy yet and also quite calming on the soul. Am thankful for my mother in law who had a lovely stew ready when we came home from work - just hit the spot and was so appreciated. On the television, the Kelloggs Cornflakes ad with the little blonde girl, came on. Eilis was fascinated. We used to dress her up in an all in one fleece PJs and make her say 'ho ho ho' when she was 2 so it was kinda ironic that she liked the ad.

More positives - I got my Journal Your Christmas first layout completed (despite Grace's best efforts!) and the lights are on in our house. All was calm and bright when I got home.

And yes I will jazz this blog up soon - and also post some pics. Time is what I want for Christmas please!

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