Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Healthier New Me!

So, I haven’t blogged in 2 months….what’s that all about. In those two months we had Christmas, Eilis turned 5 and we moved into the new house. Must post photos…in fact must tidy house and take photos, but I said I’d blog quick to get back in habit.

Had Crafteire at the weekend. What fun. It’s such a treat – my spa weekend as I put it. So much better than a spa and you have lots of creative bits coming home with you. Great friends, chat, ideas, creativity….it’s wonderful. Classes were fab – I did 5 on the Saturday and yes I will finish the house…at some stage…although it’s more difficult than building a real house!

Made pancakes last night...but did I take any photos?! Duh! Had great fun flipping them - we have now a super high ceiling so there's no risk (we also had eaten about 6 apiece at that stage so there was no major problem if one accidentally tried to escape!).

40 days and 40 nights… healthy lifestyle starts today….with a view to losing a stone overall but somewhere between a half and a stone between now and Easter Sunday. I think lent happens at a good time in that you have probably tried and failed at the whole New Years Resolution and it gives you another shot at it. I didn’t really make many resolutions – of course I want to be healthier, but with the amount of rubbish in our house left over from Christmas and then people calling to the house and then Eilis’s birthday parties meant that it has taken until now to eat our way through the sugar. Simple Lenten resolutions for me towards a healthier lifestyle (not diet) are – no junk, except I’m allowed a treat on a Sunday. Also I will eat breakfast. Simple as….for now. We have to see what kind of results are yielded with that plan. Weekly weigh in, keep a diary/notebook for inspiration and review the plan after 2 weeks – might need to exercise to meet goals, but it’s too dark in the evenings at the moment and I’m not paying to get fit – that’s another resolution.

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Evonne said...

Hey, it was great to see you last weekend! Shameful that CE is the only time we get to meet anymore!
Best of luck with the lenten plan :)