Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year...New Look Blog...

I've finally managed to get around to updating the 'look' of my blog...which might encourage me more to actually do something with it this year. I'm going to attempt a blog post at least once per week. Am also going to try to complete a Layout a week or at least write the story and take the pictures, in my own attempt at a PROJECT52. I don't see a project 365 happening (and considering that I didn't take photos in first few days of the year, it's too late to worry about that now).

Some quick New Year Resolutions:

Eat Breakfast
Bring Lunch to Work at least twice per week
No Telly Wednesdays

I think it would be nice to document the beginning of a new decade with a good account of the year that will be 2010. It's a nice round number to look back at and scrapping the everyday things is one of my goals this year. I'm going to take a photo on the 20th of every month (kinda like Shimelle's project last year...although it was the 22nd or some other date). Not so much concentrating on the arty side of things and spending hours organising stash....actually getting some layouts created and telling some stories. This is echoed by a lot of 'celeb' scrappers in their blogs at the moment, but mine hit home when I (over the 'cold snap' when we couldn't leave the house) finally got around to putting up some picture frames in the not so new 1 year old house. I had some lovely scrapbook layouts framed, which I have put up in the living room, but when I began to look I had very few layouts of Grace, and mainly ones of our family before she came along. Time to change. Looking forward to posting up some pictures of how I'm getting on.
One step at a time...

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Mii2GuYz said...

wow! you dont eat breakfast either!! lol or atleast you didnt because you are obviously going to attempt to start hehe ... I dont eat breakfast .. I dont really have an exact reason I guess for the most part I just dont get hungry until about noon =/ ... anywho I am going to follow your blog =)