Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Week of the Sixth Birthday

January is a busy month for us generally. Last weekend topped it with 2 bithday parties, a belated christmas visit to the great-grandparents and Eilis's first time going to swimming lessons. Of course, I have no photos! Eilis's comment on the swimming lessons was 'it's the best day of my life'. I think that's a thumbs up from our water baby number one!

This weekend doesn't look to be any less busy, as we have round two of the swimming lessons and Eilis's birthday on Sunday. Can't believe she's going to be 6. Here's the invite we self styled at the weekend:There are 5 other girls in her class so the usual is to invite girls only and numbers aren't overly big to deal with. I've bought some beads to make friendship bracelets and hope to do plenty of practical things to keep them entertained. Toying with idea of face painting....I have some face paints left over since last halloween, but might be taking on a bit too much unless one of the aunties decides that they would prefer to take that job on. They are a nice bunch of kids though, so hopefully all will go well.

It's difficult when birthdays come so close to Christmas, as buying toys again is the last thing we feel like doing, but it's not really fair on the child to not get toys just because we decided to have her a month after Christmas. My sister has a good idea that she is going to get her tickets to a show or something during the Easter/Summer so that it's a gift for the future. Eilis is really into Lego (strongly encouraged by Santa and I), but unfortunately a lot of Lego toys are targetted towards boys. She got the city scape (bus and pizza parlour) for christmas and we're going to get her a beach house for her birthday and I think there's a few more 'houses' available. After that though, we might be a bit more limited. Time to start emailing Mr. Lego for more 'girlie' stuff.

On the new year's resolutions, last week I ate breakfast each day and had lunch 3 days at work and really enjoyed it. I also got all my housework completed on Wednesday night (no TV) which meant that Thursday I was able to scrap and get 1.6 layouts completed. They aren't spectacular, but telling stories that need to be told, before I forget. I had forgotten how much I love Basic Gray too.... So plan is to finish the 0.4 of a layout I started, and get another one done this week. And at some point get uploading these.
Step by step. I'm off to have my porridge!

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