Friday, February 12, 2010

Books I'm Reading.....

Seeing as I don't have a whole lot else to blog about I thought I might list the books I'm reading as a 'point in time' type exercise. I don't tend to read a lot (not through not wanting too...) but I tend to read MANY, as in many books at the same time. For this reason I go mainly for non novels, dip in dip out type stuff like self helps, motivational, educational, craft interest, inspirational, etc. We also have STACKS of books in our Billy Bookcases! Again, mainly reference type stuff - computers, photography, art, interior design, gardening....I'd love a few weeks in that room with a comfy chair.

Main reason I've been getting more reading done is because of 'No Telly Wednesdays'. Once kids are in bed, I can do some of the 'put off' chores and then settle down for an hour or two with a book. You might say there's no reason to not read any other evening, but I find once the television is on I am drawn to it and aside from going to bed to read (at 9.30....which just would be sad, I am too young!) I will inevitably end up watching telly.

Here's where I've been since Jan 2010....

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families as part of an on-line book club I'm in with Simple Mom
Soulmama aka Amanda Blake Soule's Handmade Home

Kelly Rae Roberts' Taking Flight

Don't ask me how I stumble across some of these - it's all based on web surfing. I also have a short story book by Jeffrey Archer - Twleve Red Herrings - which I've read at least 4 times, on the go. I LOVE short stories and found that no matter how tired I am, if I have a little read before I go to sleep, I sleep better. I think I need it as a wind down time. Also browsing TOP 10 Munich, as I've booked to go in May with my old school friends. A group of 5 girlies who have been friends since junior infants.....many years ago. We still keep in touch weekly (email is a great thing) and meet up when we can, but it's no pressure. I like that kind of relationship. So, our first ever 'holiday away' together was last year to Italy for one of the girls weddings and we decided that this year we should do it again and decided on Munich for a weekend. Looking forward to it any recommendations on a good 'holiday' novel are appreciated.

Happy Valentines on Sunday. I don't intend to do anything eventful....maybe something creative to mark the occasion...we'll see.

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