Friday, November 19, 2010

Embarking on a journey...


In terms of excercise and fitness, I fall into the excuses category - not motivated, not enough time, etc. I also have always had a chip on my shoulder about 'hating running'. I played a lot of team sports as a teenager, and was never super skinny, but was reasonably fit. I look back at my graduation photo shape (which I thought at the time was borderline chubby) and would give anything for it now.

My old school friends have got back into running. I swore it would be the last thing I'd do. But, I haven't found an alternative. Worst thing was last night I stood up on the Wii Fit, 600 days since I last stood on it, and have gained 30 pounds! Yesterday was a bad day. However, it was day 4 of my 'regular' workouts, so it could have been worse. I could have stood on the Wii having not worked out the previous 3 days.

So, I just have to keep it up. Move. Every. Day.

At the moment I'm just walking more at work and using the Wii - Active and Fit every night for half an hour or more. It's keeping track. It's holding me accountable. I know I need to be accountable to myself. Hopefully I'll get there. They say you need to do something consecutively for 28 days to make it a habit. That's my aim for the moment. Establish a habit.

On the up side, I have lost this weight twice before...after my two kids. So it can be done. It's not easy, or fun, but it might be easier or more funn-er, if it was habitual, rather than a chore.

I'll try to log it once a week. Am weighing in on a Thursday at home, so hopefully will see some progress next week. Oh ya, remind me to blog about the vibroplates at some stage too!

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Elisa said...

Best of luck, Corina!
I am sure you look great now but there's nothing wrong about trying to get fit.
I'll try to do the same. Weight myself every Monday, walk or swim 4 days a week. Sigh, not easy, but I'd like to fit in the dress I used two years ago.