Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like ....

Hmmm. I loved this 'Christmas Tree' made from scarves and various clothing textiles in a window of a shop near where I work, I took a snap of it. Gotta love the i-phone for that reason!
Said I'd write a quite note on my pre December Christmas stuff lest I forget. Last Friday I had a girlie night out with college friends. Went to the Christmas Market in Eyre Square. Good fun. Ate hog roast and glumwein! Got pre Christmas haircut. General good cheer despite talk of IMF etc :(

Did chriskindle in tony's house. Ordered some books on line including Celine Navarro's one. Hope there's not too much French! Am wrapping it up straight away as part of my presents. Decided this year that it was unlikely I'd be getting any surprises and didn't want money wasted.
My wish list to date is: Bake by Rachel Allen. Undoubtedly the best baking book out there. She has those recipies bang on. So I need a copy of my own.
Gel eye liner from MAC. I think I've finally got the eye liner thing down and therefore need better product. Kirstys Handmade Home book. (ordered already! Half price on Amazon).
I also have made up a package of Capella stuff from Basic Grey including an album that I bought from Anna Marie at the scrapbookstore.ie on Sunday at our monthly crop! (love that I have a regular local crop!!!) I intend to scrap our honeymoon photos into the album as it's quite 'Italian baroque' type feeling and we toured Italy so should tie altogether very well.
I also really really (since last year but no one got the hint!) want a ukelele! I play guitar but think this would be super portable and fun!
I also got my Pogo printer which has had a bit of use already but I'm happy to wrap it up under the tree again! After that I'm good. And all of those bar Rachel, Eye Liner, and ukulele are bought already. Wish I had the pressies for others bought!

I must post soon about the gifts I intend to make this Christmas! Lots of crocheting and papercrafting to be done. This time five weeks it will all be over :(

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